How to buy men’s quality Leather Briefcase

Briefcase is one of the important accessories that take the major part in men’s professional life. Buying a quality leather case indeed becomes vital. Hence, buying the product that is durable and long lasting is very essential. Check out the quality factors to pick the right quality briefcase.

Type of leather used:

The quality of Leather is the main factor that determines the overall superiority of the men’s briefcase. The features of the top quality leather briefcase is that it should be sleek and professional that is been made by the genuine leather posing durable and flexible nature.

  • Full-grain leather is the superior leather type that makes the most durable briefcases.
  • Top-grain leather is an affordable and excellent alternative to full-grain leather. It too posses the long lasting nature but tends to be little substandard to the full grain type.
  • Split-grain leather: it is a water-permeable and thinner type. It won’t last as long as higher-quality versions.
Mens briefcase
Materials used for construction:

The external materials used in the construction of leather briefcase should be noted cautiously. Check the locks, handle, shoulder strap fittings, zippers, buckles and metallic rings being fitted in the case are of proper condition. You can check it either by turning the bag or by zooming into the product pictures and observe the quality of the fittings.

Durability of the briefcase:

The stitching should be even and straight without any loose threads and improper lines of stitch. The inner and outer surfaces should provide protection against wear and tear. Opt for metal zippers than the plastic closures. The metallic type tolerates more number of open and close functions. The hinges of the bag should be sturdy and free of rust. The handles should be of firm type with reinforced stitching or metal fixtures. Avoid handles that are been glued.


Opt for cases that are compact and slim. The bag should have enough compartments to keep your contents in the organized manner. If you are traveling and have a rolling briefcase, it would be ideal to have a complete separate section for a few items of clothing. It is better to have separate compartments for quick access to flight boarding pass, wallet, keys or mobile phone.

Size and weight of the briefcase:

Many believe that bigger the case stronger its nature. This is truly a myth. A dimension of the bag is what plays the major role in selecting the right quality one.

The ideal dimension for a briefcase:
  • Width: of between 15 – 16.5 inches
  • Height: 11 – 13 inches
  • Depth: 4-6 inches

Depending on how much you need to carry in your bag, you can alter the inches.

Cost of the leather case:

If you want to buy quality leather case then you should be ready to spend huge chunks for money. The least expensive material may save your money temporarily but you will need a quick replacement for your fake leather quality.

Exotic fashion leather dress shoes

Exotic leather dress shoes are one of the most popular accessories for men who want to look chic and classy. In this article we are going to see about the authentic high quality Ostrich leather dress shoes and Lizard leather dress shoes that we sell in suitusa. Here we not only sell men’s suits but also other accessories that complement and enhance the look of the outfit.

Lizard leather dress shoes:
Can anyone tell us about the feel you will get when you wear a pair of exotic lizard shoes? We know that you just can’t wait to wear one and own one to give you that posh look that it gives without being too much made up. If you are a person who likes to dress rich and stay simple or a little attractive and like to stay subtle, lizard shoes are the best option. Get hold of our top model exotic leather shoe varieties and take full advantage of the styles you find at our website. At suitusa you can enjoy shopping a wide range of lizard shoes, alligator shoes and crocodile leather shoes that can make your suit look at their best. A proper suit paired up with these lizard shoes can make you go long way. Just go for one and see how it feels to own one. You are sure to steal the look of people who look you wearing them on. Do you know that suitusa is the right place to get your lizard shoe at a smart budget? You will surely get amazed at our collection that varieties of leather types, makes, designers, colors and styles. Expect the best looking style and perfect finish from every single product that we have showcased in our collection All you need to do to enjoy them is to place an order with us and get them to your door step within the time promised by us.

Ostrich leather dress shoes:
Ostrich dress shoes that are bought for special occasions or for normal use to match you dress shirts and suits need to be authentic to stay for a longer time. Do you know that fake ostrich dress shoes are available in the market for the same price as the original one? How many of us know to make out the difference between the real ostrich skin shoes and the fake ones? Just make sure that you spend your hard earned money carefully for the authentic once that are worthy of good quality, with lovely unique designs and patterns on them. You will have to do a lot of reading or take the help of an expert to educate you on the difference between fakes and real ostrich leather. As we all know ostrich is a large bird with beautiful feathers, the main attraction of these are the marks of feather on the leather. Every single bird has a different style of markings over them. Those markings are nothing but the places where their feathers were there. Your shoe is sure to be unique in look though there are many shoes made in the same design but not in the fabric. Enjoy your dress shoe that you will be wearing for important occasions like wedding, anniversaries, official parties. Wearing the right colored ostrich dress shoes for your suits will be the best dressing style you can adopt this season. These leather types are great to wear and have a good feel when supported with other accessories rightly. At suitusa, you will enjoy shopping for the best made ostrich dress shoes that suits your budget. You need not worry about the budget being high as we provide you shoes at cost which you might not buy them anywhere else.

• After sales care:
If you need any further assistance after purchase of our products, all you need to do is to contact the customer service operators and clear your doubts. The shipping process that we carry out is all safe and will deliver your product free of damage. And when you want bulk orders of same style with different sizes or per your need, you can avail special bulk order offers.

What’s special about our Wedding Suits and Tuxedos ?

Traditionally suits and tuxedos for grooms have seen a lot of evolutions but they have never lost their originality. The idea behind choosing wedding suits and tuxedos as groom’s attire is to make them look picture perfect and give them a respectable look during the most important event of their life that happens in the church. In those days, church had a few guidelines about dressing and hence men had to stick to them while dressing for any church ceremonies and so the wedding suits were also designed accordingly. Grooms wedding suits are very important picks for the big day as they make the groom look great and center of all attraction.

There are a lot of men who would like to go shopping for wedding ceremony suit along with their pals as they possibly can discuss about how that like to appear on such an important occasion of their life. Here at suitusa, you are provided with a great opportunity for selecting the kind of suit that the groom always wanted to fashion. What you ask for or like is showed in front of you with the help of the internet without any hassle of waiting. Men love online shopping than purchasing stuffs from malls and shops because they don’t find anything interesting in this method of shopping unlike women who can go gaga over shopping in all forms. 
Wedding Suits for men

You could have already be owning several suits but, being married with a girl of your dream definitely needs a perfect suit to make you the best pair for her. It’s true that wedding party clothing has to be designed in a way that it makes an individual get a distinctive personality among the others who are there to bless them. We can expect almost all men who come for your wedding party to look at their best and therefore it is essential to decide on an exotic kind of suit or tux that speaks of your personality loud enough. You could present your unique flavor with the choice of the cloth, color or sewing style which can even turn out to be an inspiration for many grooms to be. Whoever you hire to stitch your suit must be capable of emulating your needs as well as match up the bride’s gown.

And on the other had special Tuxedos for Wedding ceremony are one of the common alternatives in which guys choose for their wedding day apart from the classic wedding suits. We all know how essential men’s suits are for gentlemen who require perfection and smartness every time, for any day. An ideal men tux is seen as something exactly that reflects a gentleman’s mental capability to other folks at the first meeting. Dinner jackets and wedding tux tend to be certainly a fashion preference for any gentleman who requires a flawless appearance. From standard to the modern styles, tux and suits are available in a mixture of wide styles. If you're an old fashioned lover of classic suits, the wedding tuxedo you select needs special care while stitching. Italian tailors are the best among all to create such little wonders and this is what suitusa has to offer you. . We wish you have a happy shopping experience with us!

Guidelines on Choosing & Wearing the Right Kind Of Tie

Here are a few men’s trend guidelines in choosing the right ties to match your attire. Our style gurus have made the tie formula easier to assimilate for our readers. Follow these golden rules to look perfectly dressed up for every occasion.
Neck Ties
Exclusive Neck Ties

How long can it be: The length and also width of the tie ought to be proportional towards the size of the person wearing it. For large as well as instead stout men, the tie the wear ought to be of sufficient length to just touch the top of the buckle of their belt. For men who have with tall build body, their tie must just reach their bellybutton.

How about the thickness: This follows a similar theory because the length of the tie and its width makes a lot of difference. Huge men ought to put on larger tie, and men with slim body need to stick with thin ones. Here is a quick suggestion on how to understand if you possess the proper tie with the right thickness. Well build men should have any tie that's between 3” to 3 3/4” wide while the other may choose to use slimmer ties.

Now let’s move on to the color: If you want to get noticed much and don’t want to blend in with everyone else, the glowing orange or green tie on the light blue shirt provides you with a stylish and neon sophisticated appear. If you want to attract them others around you then you definitely should put on a white top along with a red tie. This is what's called the particular “power tie” , this particular style is used by lots of public figures nowadays once they desire to capture their own audience’s attention, even President Barack Obama uses the power tie  to turn on the advantage.

Patterns and patterns all over: The trick in selecting ties with an attractive pattern would be not to choose the kinds of shades that usually tend not to clash or perhaps are very contrast to each other. Thus, putting on any pattern oriented tie on top of your patterned shirt will not help. The general rule of using a tie that has simple or no pattern on them will be to pair them up with shirts or suit that has patterns on them. If you don’t have an idea about how to mix and match shirts and ties, you can follow the models in the magazine photographs; we bet you will look just perfect.

How to tie the tie: The typical general opinion on selecting the type of tie knot that can be used always depends on the comfort of the wearer. Just remember that the higher the knot, more the materials you may use on the top so be careful not to end up with a tie that is too short and with a thick knot.

High Style Denim Suits for Men

Denim suits emerged as fashion statement that reflects relaxed frame of mind among men's suit varieties. If you would like to get a suit assortment which will make you look casual however trim and firm, a denim suit can work out that in a jiffy to suit your needs.
The fabric is usually what that makes casual men’s suits famous and successful. Among the important advantages associated with denim suits easy to sustain, unlike suit made up of other fabric versions is seen as the best. It gives a clever but rugged look that makes you look best with this casual wear. Denim is usually a fabric that creates an awesome dude image for any age any time. To talk about the fabric, it is truly one of the several classic styles of which suits look more successful in terms of style and look for men of all ages. A trendy pair of jeans with your rugged jean suit for a bash is a fashion pick of this season.
There is no age limits to create a fashion avowal that has the right choices associated with men’s denim suit. Here comes the number of men’s denim suit that has come again to rule the fashion industry again. You are searching for the denim with denim on look as you as a fan of casual looks and this is what we have to offer you from our style listing.

If you desire to look best using denim on denim then the best formula to achieve them is to pair them up. Remember not to wear a denim shirt for this, rather go for a plain white shirt or at shirt to accelerate this combo to the next level. If you choose the full denim look with denim shirts for denim suit then you will have to imagine how it looks to have dipped in a tone of blue throughout, head to foot. Different shades associated with denim blue which will make nice impression are capable of doing a magic in case you choose to wear these suits this season. There is no need for any extras like ties or shawls to top them up, when in denim, you can minimize your other embellishments.

The industry has now arrived with the coolest denim on denim suit varieties for men and young men alike.  You will simply have to buy them from a place that sells authentic denim suits that looks chic and not out of fashion. Quite a few fashion lovers pull in efforts to attain perfect mix and match combinations of denim suits to generate a unique look. You can try and follow what many people do if that suits us but all you need to do is to analyze your style and look prior to follow it. You will need to think about the jeans as well as about what to wear inside this suit if. Getting a recommendation before trying on will surely give you some help in many means.